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Our Trip Playlist for the Car

We thought it would be interesting to record our favourite songs from the trip that have been on high rotation in our car. These are the songs that have us all bopping and singing along at the top of our voices!

1. Day That I Die
2. Toes
3. Free
4. Knee Deep
5. Goodbye in her Eyes
(All Zac Brown Band above! Of course!)
6. Sand on the beach – Cheap Fakes
7. Down on the farm
8. Next 30 years
9. Don’t take the girl
(Those 3 were Tim McGraw)
10. Hurricane – Bob Dylan
11. Blowing in the Wind – Bob Dylan
12. Who’s that girl?
13. Battle scars
14. Get along
(Those were Guy Sebastian – we blame Aunty Kate for those ones!)
15. Country Roads – John Denver
16. Leaving on a Jet Plane – John Denver
17. Rip Rip Wood Chip
18. True Blue
19. Australia calling
20. Crocodile Roll
21. Boogey with me Baby
(John Williamson – Grammy & Grunda’s influence there!)
22. Crocmen – Bindi
23. You are my sunshine
24. Stoink – Cheap Fakes
25. Lygon st Meltdown
(Melbourne Ska Ochestra)
27. One Way Road
(John Butler)
27. Feather – Nick & Leisal
28. Flyswatter – Eels
29. Ray Ray – Fat Freddy’s Drop
30. Waltzing Matilda
31. Home among the gum trees

Then fill out the rest of the playlist with the Zac Brown Band albums!
In particular
No hurry
Highway 20 drive
Island Song
Chicken Fried
Could go on forever – just download them all!

Our Audio Books (these have been fantastic!)
Len beadell story (thanks Grandma – this was really interesting & funny!)
Famous Five (numerous stories – we love these – thanks Aunty Beth!!)
The magic faraway tree
The enchanted wood
The folk of the faraway tree
Winnie the Pooh
Wind in the willows

Okay – we’ve got the whole trip back now with some very long days in the car so we need some new material – let us know some favourite in car songs that we should be listening to please!!! C’mon help a family out here!!


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