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Light Bulb Moment

Ben Avon Station, Far North QLD

Ben Avon Station, Far North QLD

We are too excited to sleep tonight!  Today presented us with an epiphany!  You will remember that we wrote on our ‘Why are We Doing This’ post that part of wanting to do our trip was to have some time out to rethink our life and try to find a way to make a difference in this world, to give back, to do something useful.  Well, we think we may have come upon an idea to kick start that!.

My Mum sent us this email today;

On 02/05/2013, at 2:34 PM, Mum wrote:

been thinking ’bout your trip and what it means – and trying to extend the parameters so the kids ( no, all of you really ) get the most out of it
… so maybe you adopt a cause, sport a few stickers, talk a bit – it should not be a task, or a job – haven’t really crystallised my thoughts, but I’m putting it out there to let you think about it too

your blog is an awesome tool …

a couple that I found

                                      Every Family Needs A Farmer

as I said, haven’t thought it through

xxxx Mum

And my response;

On 02/05/2013, at 2:36 PM, Jessica Fealy wrote:

mum – that is sooooooo awesome!  Matt and I talked about this – similar thing – a couple of months ago and couldn’t think of anything to lock on to/that we were passionate enough about – really love it – great idea – hmmmm – I am going to think some more too ………….

And so that is where we are at (big thank you Mum)!  Matt and I are both from farming backgrounds in Far North Queensland – I grew up on a dairy farm and Matt’s family own a cattle station and potato, corn and peanut farm up there.  The future of Australian Farmers is something very close to our hearts, something we are very passionate about.

The Dairy Farm where I grew up.

The Dairy Farm where I grew up.

We love the idea of being able to educate our kids (and ourselves) as we travel around Australia, about the broader community we are all a part of, and the responsibility that we all have to ensure the country we live in is an amazing place.  We are excited about the thought of promoting Australian Farmers and Rural Australia and maybe helping more people understand why they are such an important part of our country. We want to try to make a difference, no matter how small it may be.

Can we do this? How do we do this?  And how do we balance this with our other objectives for the trip, to slow down, take some time out, no pressures – we don’t want to fill it all up with another purpose???  Can we just start small and see how it goes?

I know lots of our friends and family have already been thinking along these lines and have made changes to the food they buy and consume, so what do you all think?  All ideas and feedback would be greatly appreciated!!



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