Carisbrooke Station

Hi Everyone! I’m just reblogging this Carisbrooke Station post from our trip last June as the photos I uploaded originally while we were on the road were way too small. We had such a great time there with all the family! I wonder if it is still this dry now? Anybody been out to Carisbrooke Station recently??

'Are We There Yet?'

DSC_0726On our second day at Carisbrooke Station we decided to join in with some of the Grey Nomads on their station tour. Station owner Charles guided us to Python Canyon where we had a short but fairly steep walk down to see some Aboriginal paintings. It was nice to visit something so interesting in a fairly non-commercial setting.

Off for a hike to Python Gorge to see some Aboriginal Paintings

Looking out over Python Gorge

Python Gorge

All the kids walked down & back up by themselves and so did the Grandparents!

All the kids walked down & back up by themselves and so did the Grandparents!

Aboriginal Paintings – Carisbrooke Station

Cooper & Tobes

From there we went on to the station’s private opal mine. Of course with Grammy & Grunda with us we were keen to do some fossicking and Charles was happy just to leave us there…

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Lexi Turns Five


Lexi turned five on the weekend.  Five already?  Where has the time gone?  I haven’t even finished putting her baby photo album together yet!!

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Flashback Friday – 12 months ago today ………….

On this night twelve months ago, Matt and I had put the kids to bed amongst the chaos that was our camper. It was the night before we were due to head off from Brisbane, on what was to be a year or so travelling around Australia. Continue reading

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My Favourite Things

Hello Everyone!  Yes – we’re all still alive up here!!  I know, I know – I’ve been very slack with the blog over this last month!

I’m joining in with Pip from Meet Me At Mikes, ‘Favourite Things’ link up, to give me a hand out of my blogging slump and get back on a roll again.  It is delightful having a newborn in the house but I had forgotten how lack of sleep makes me have the ‘go slows’ during the day and everything just seems to take ten times longer to get done or not done at all!

But he is a bit cute!

Kipp – the blogging blocker!  But he is a bit cute!

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Bits & Bobs

Disclaimer: I promise this post won’t have any more baby related stuff in it!  No doubt you are all well and truly Fealy babied out with all the news and photo’s of our little Kipp’s arrival, so we’ll give you a post off from baby stuff!!  A big thank you so much to everybody though for all the lovely emails, text messages and comments on our blog and Facebook Page that we received – it was so lovely to get them all!!

There are so many bits and pieces that I have really wanted to tell you about over the last month!  I thought they all deserved their own blog posts but time just seems to gallop at the moment so I’m just going to blurt them all out here!

First though, check out what just wandered out of the garden this morning while Matt and I were having smoko ……………………………..

10 Brand Spanking New Ducklings - good job mother 'Georgia'!

10 Brand Spanking New Ducklings – good job mother ‘Georgia’!

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It’s a Boy!!!

Hello world. My name is Kipp Matthew Fealy

Minutes old

Minutes old

I am finally here. I’ve been kicking the door down in Mum’s belly for weeks now and 2 weeks ago I thought I might have succeeded, but no dice.

I know my Mum and Dad were beginning to wonder if I would ever come out. I heard my dad say that by the time I arrive I’ll be enrolled in school! Continue reading

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Baby Names

So, we’ve got a bit of a dilema!  We’re three days away from Fealy Bub Number 4’s due date and we still don’t have any idea of names for this little one.  With our other three kids we had a Top 5 boys/girls names by this point that we took in with us to hospital and made the final decision when we saw bub.  We don’t know what sex baby is – we have always opted for the suprise factor with all of our kids and to be honest that is the only thing that gets me through labour, the excitement to see what new little person will be joining our family!! Continue reading

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Catch Up

IMG_4397The ‘death by glass of water’ in March of our trusty laptop has resulted in a bit of a tumble off the blogging wagon recently.  That combined with a busy month of visitors and an ever growing baby belly have seen me get behind again on the blog, so I thought I’d do a bit of a brief ‘catch up’ post today to fill you in on what has been happening at Fealy Family HQ over the last month.  Oh, and the photo above is the brand new ‘blogging machine’ that I’m now writing on – pretty spiffy hey! Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

DSC_0153 DSC_0122 IMG_3459 IMG_4485

Happy Easter Everyone!  I know I have been ‘MIA’ this last month and I have heaps to fill you all in on, but this is just a short post to pop back in, say hi, share some Easter spirit from our neck of the woods and see what everybody else got up to for Easter. Continue reading

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Sunday Snapshot – Kauri Creek Road

20140323-205026.jpgI’ve been out of action on the blog front this week as our laptop died so I feel a bit rusty writing this post tonight after a week off! Continue reading

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