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Sunday Snapshot – Cairns Ironman Event


Yes, I’m posting our Sunday Snapshot two days late, on Tuesday this week, cause, that’s how I roll at the moment – late, a bit unorganised, but we get there in the end!

Our Sunday this week was spent volunteering at the Cairns Ironman Event with the boy’s Scout Group.  We took the opportunity to spend the night before the event in Cairns, doing a bit of shopping, visiting Poppy and Rema and having a dinner out – a real treat! Continue reading

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Sunday Snapshot – Kauri Creek Road

20140323-205026.jpgI’ve been out of action on the blog front this week as our laptop died so I feel a bit rusty writing this post tonight after a week off! Continue reading

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Sunday Snapshot – Breakfast At Coffee Works

20140316-142150.jpgMatt is having a weekend off, the first one in a a long while and we are making the most of it!  Lazy days, dinner at Grandma’s, a sleepover for the kids at Grandma’s and a breakfast out this morning for Matt and I! Continue reading

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Sunday Snapshot – Chocolate Slice

I’m starting to slow down now, the wheels are starting to fall off a little I think!  I’m just getting too big and tired – eight weeks to go until this baby arrives seems like a loooooong time at this point!  So, I missed our Flashback Friday post this week and nothing terribly exciting to share today I’m afraid!

My oven has been fixed, yay, and it was just slightly cooler here so Lex and I decided to make our super easy, super yum, favourite chocolate slice.  I’ve been inspired to try to get back to some ‘Sunday Baking’ after following one of my ‘Blog With Pip’ classmates, “I Give You the Verbs” yummy Sunday Baking treats, but an easy slice was about all I could summon up the effort for today.

This is the recipe, handed down to me from my mum, if anybody is interested.   It is super easy, super quick and requires very few ingredients!  I made this quite a bit while we were travelling on our trip in the camper – only a bowl, spatula and slice tin required!

Chocolate Slice

1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of coconut, 1 cup of self raising flour, 2 tablespoons of cocoa.

Melt 125grams of butter, pour over dry ingredients, plus 1 egg well beaten with 1 teaspoon of vanilla.

Mix well.  Press into Glad Bake lined slice tin and bake at 200degrees for 20mins (soft) or 25mins (crisp).

For a quick and easy icing option spread with Nestle Choc Melts while hot out of the oven and spread with a knife.

And that’s it!  Half of our slice is gone already – pretty much guaranteed to always taste delicious! Did you do any baking today?  Anybody willing to share an easy slice recipe with me?

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Sunday Snapshot – Clean Up Australia Day

20140302-220407.jpgWe took part in Clean Up Australia Day today.  I’ll be honest and say it was a bit of a struggle to get there this morning.  The boys had already been out on a hike with Scouts the day before and then had to be back in town at 8am this morning to join in with our local Lions club in the clean up. None of us felt like going.

But, I’m glad we did.  It was only two hours out of our day.  We were lucky and had quite a scenic park in town as our designated location for rubbish pick up.  The kids enjoyed the walk around the lake and being out with some friends.  I think that it was good for them to learn a small lesson in that we all have a responsibility to look after our town, our country.  They also got to see that if we all get stuck in and help, it actually doesn’t take very long at all to get the job done.  It was a good reminder for me also.

Now, if only I could get the kids to participate in ‘Clean Up Our House’ Day!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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Sunday Snapshot – Afternoon Walks

Our Sunday Snapshot this week is of our afternoon walk today.  We are big fans of the afternoon family walk.

We don’t go far at the moment, with me waddling along.  When the kids were babies we walked a lot, sometimes just around the block, sometimes just up the road to take the wheelie bins out, and some days for long jaunts exploring somewhere new.  It was a way to fill in time in the afternoons when we were all tired and cranky, but it was too early for baths and dinner!

Now I love it as just a way to get us all out of the house and enjoy the best time of the afternoon here when it cools off enough to be pleasant outside.  Matt has been doing some long days in the packing shed at the moment so we love when he finishes early enough to come for a stroll with us all and tell us about his day.

What about you?  How was your weekend?  Do you like afternoon walks?

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Sunday Snapshot – S … S …. S ……..

SNAKE!!This week’s Sunday Snapshot is of the surprise visitor in the packing shed today!  Imagine reaching into a red crate full of mangoes, looking to grab your next Keitt mango to load on to the de-sapping machine – something you have been doing for nearly 8 hours already today – and all day yesterday – only to pull out a snake!!  We shouldn’t laugh, but Matt said the five workers doing the de-sapping did a lot of yelling and shouting and jumping up on to benches when this snake came out of the mango crate!!!

Can you spot him?  The red crates on the bench are where he came from!

Can you spot him? The red crates on the bench are where he came from!

We're pretty sure he was just a little tree snake.

We’re pretty sure he was just a little tree snake.


He was pretty cranky though!

He was pretty cranky though!

Matt managed to catch him with the shovel and relocate him to the tree outside so everybody could go back to work!

Matt managed to catch him with the shovel and relocate him to the tree outside so everybody could go back to work!

Nothing like a bit of excitement after lunch to wake everybody up for the afternoon shift in the shed!  How was your Sunday?  See any snakes today???

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Sunday Snapshot – Mt Hypipamee National Park

IMG_3978In an effort to bring a bit more consistency to our little blog, I’m introducing the ‘Sunday Snapshot’.  This will just be one photo, or a couple, taken on Sundays to share something about what we have done, where we have been, who we’ve seen, maybe what we’ve eaten, or if we’ve really gone crazy, maybe even something we have created!  I’m hoping the Sunday Snapshot will also remind us to take a bit of time out from ‘farm life’ every now and then and perhaps even get to share with you some of the beautiful places that we love to visit here on the Atherton Tablelands!

Today’s Sunday Snapshot was taken at Mount Hypipamee National Park.  We were heading to Ravenshoe to have home-made pizza’s for lunch with my Dad (who’s currently ‘baching’ it while Mum helps my sister get settled in Perth) and decided to check out the Crater and Dinner Falls as we went past.  Matt and I had visited the area as kids but had never taken our ratbags.  This is what we saw …………………………………

A little adventure - it's been a while!

A little adventure – it’s been a while!

Dinner Falls

Dinner Falls – we’ve had lots of rain recently so they are really flowing!

The Crater

The Crater

80metres up!

80metres up!

Some background information if you're interested!

Some background information if you’re interested!

The girl loves lizards!

The girl loves lizards!

And that was it.  A thirty minute stop, a pretty easy 1.5km return walk, some nice scenery, only one leech, we were treated to the kindness of a stranger who gave us a whole bag of Longans (similar to Lychees) in the carpark, and we felt like we had an adventure!  Bought back lovely memories of our trip for us all!  So, that was a bit of our Sunday, what did you get up to?

Oh, and Mum, this photo is for you.  Dad has worked out how to use the washing machine but it seems he may need a few pointers about the fact that hanging washing out to dry in the rain may not work so well, but hey, baby steps! 🙂 🙂IMG_3976

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