O’Briens Creek, Mt Surprise.

We finished off our two weeks away last weekend with a few nights camping with family at O’Briens Creek and doing some gem fossicking. My Aunty Leanne wrote a post about it on her blog ‘Travelling is An Adventure”. I thought I would share the post on our blog too as it will probably be a week or so until I get a chance to do our post about our time at O’briens Creek. It was a great weekend and a really lovely spot!! Leanne has some great photos of our time there in her post so check it out!

Travelling Is An Adventure

Well, the picks are sharpened in anticipation of a big weekend fossicking. Bring on the luck and some good weather, but first to pick up the boys.

Murray and I went to Cairns Thursday afternoon to pick up Andrew and Simon who were winging their way to us to go camping and fossicking for a few days with us, Grandad, Uncle Stewart, Uncle John, their cousins and their families. Time of arrival was 6.50pm but they arrived twenty minutes early which was a wonderful surprise. My heart jumped when I saw them both, it had been four weeks since we had left home, and them, and I missed them. There was much chatter and laughter in the car on the trip back to the Tableland where Grandad and Grandma were anxiously waiting to see them too.

Friday morning arrived with much excitement. Packing done, time to hit the road. Mt…

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Guest Post – Sarah & Malte

Today’s post is the first ever ‘Guest Post’ to feature on the Are We There Yet? blog.  I asked Sarah & Malte if they wouldn’t mind sharing with us the adventure of their time travelling around Oz.

Sarah and Malte were the first ever backpackers to work with us on the farm at Blue Sky Produce for three months last year.  They set the bar pretty high for all our other workers going forward. They were two of the most hardworking and lovely people we have ever met!  Added to that they enjoyed teaching us ‘Wizard’ – a really fun German card game and then whipping our butts at it!! Lucky they taught us a few German swear words too!!  Malte and Sarah are just about to head back home to Germany and we are sad to see them go – they spoilt the kids while they were here at Blue Sky and we loved getting to know them and learn a little about their lives in Germany.

They have seen so much during their time in Australia – more then most of us Aussies will ever see!! Thank you Sarah & Malte for sharing your travels here and best of luck for your futures ahead – I hope we get to see you again sometime!

Sarah & Malte after a hard day of mulching - not the most fun job!

Sarah & Malte after a hard day of mulching at Blue Sky – not the most fun job!

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Electrifying Black Betty

So, as I said in my last post, we have done a few things to get Black Betty a bit more up to scratch. I spent 2 days with my dad (he’s a sparky) “Electify-ing” BB. She did have an anderson cable for charging, but it was 4mm2 cable, she had a battery but it had dropped a cell and was not accepting any charge, and she had 2 ciggy plug outlets but they were wired up with wire as thin as hair, I was not happy plugging in the new BIG fridge into these outlets so we made some changes.

The Workshop

The Workshop

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Introducing Black Betty – House on Wheels Take 2

I know Jess has already ‘introduced’ Black Betty but I thought it was time to do it properly…. i.e. Blokey-ly….

So settle in for another one of my monster posts. (I don’t post often, I just post BIG)

First up, Stats:

Make: All Terrain Camper Trailer (ATC)

Year: 2009

Model: 17′ Full Off Road with upgraded deluxe kitchen and ‘Moon Roof” otherwise it is bog standard (well, it was….)

No disrespect to Karen Camper, living in her during our big trip was very comfortable, but there were times when we faced a decision whether to take a certain road or not, based on if we felt Karen would make it. Jess and I do not like being limited like that, if we want to go somewhere or do something, then nothing is stopping us.

Enter “Black Betty”

2013-10-14 15.19.18

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Bits & Bobs

Disclaimer: I promise this post won’t have any more baby related stuff in it!  No doubt you are all well and truly Fealy babied out with all the news and photo’s of our little Kipp’s arrival, so we’ll give you a post off from baby stuff!!  A big thank you so much to everybody though for all the lovely emails, text messages and comments on our blog and Facebook Page that we received – it was so lovely to get them all!!

There are so many bits and pieces that I have really wanted to tell you about over the last month!  I thought they all deserved their own blog posts but time just seems to gallop at the moment so I’m just going to blurt them all out here!

First though, check out what just wandered out of the garden this morning while Matt and I were having smoko ……………………………..

10 Brand Spanking New Ducklings - good job mother 'Georgia'!

10 Brand Spanking New Ducklings – good job mother ‘Georgia’!

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Flashback Friday – “Free”

Well, seeing as we finished all of the posts about our trip yesterday, it seems only fitting that this week’s Friday Flashback be dedicated to a small photo montage of our adventure.  Using our theme song of course, “Free” by Zac Brown Band as the background music.  Man, we had a great trip! Just click play and watch the video!  If you are thinking about a trip like this – JUST DO IT!!!

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The Final Leg

DSC_0429Sigh.  Deep Breath …………………………………………………………………..

There is no more delaying.  It is time to bite the bullet and write the final post covering the last day and night of life on the road for the Fealy Family Adventure of 2013.  Aaaargh, so hard.  That means our trip really is over, complete, finished, done.  It was so long in the thinking and planning and all over in three very short, but amazingly good months.  It feels like a dream now.  

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“All good things are wild and free.”

“All good things are wild and free.” ― Henry David ThoreauDSC_0144 DSC_0163 DSC_0149 DSC_0154 DSC_0151 DSC_0170

I left these photos out of yesterday’s post because they weren’t really of anything.  I changed my mind and decided to share them today because I think they are of everything!  These photos sum up just how great our little trip was for our kids and I love them!

It is honestly – hand on heart – the best thing we have done for them as parents to date.  They had freedom, time to just play, time to be with us and each other.  No pressure.  So much fresh air and walking, and looking, and learning.  Time to talk with us.

These photos of the kids just ‘being kids’ at the campground in Normanton are a reminder to allow, and to make time for nothing.  For more climbing trees, digging in dirt, making games out of sticks, being outside with no set agenda, reading books, talking, drawing.  I’m not good at this.  I love routine and structure, filling the days with plans.  I need to pull back, to remember these photos and the moments they captured that are so important for our kids.

DSC_0213 DSC_0214 DSC_0215 DSC_0216 DSC_0246 DSC_0259 DSC_0261

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DSC_0172It is physically hurting my heart to write these last few posts about our trip, oh how I miss the days of adventure!  But, I realise there are probably several people out there following our blog who are just wanting to read the last few posts about the trip and wishing we would hurry the heck up and get on with it, so they can then ‘unsubscribe’ and no longer have to listen to our ramblings and be subjected to posts about Chocolate Slice!  Fair enough I guess, so here goes, today and tomorrow will see the last couple of posts about the trip published.

After surviving the Savannah Way, we popped back out into civilisation at Doomadgee and after a quick fuel top up we decided to head for Normanton and spend a precious few nights there.  It was a tough decision to bypass Lawn Hill National Park, but we didn’t think we had enough time left in our trip to ‘do Lawn Hill properly’ and we have decided that will be one of the first destinations that we head to when things finally start to slow down here at Blue Sky Produce.

The Savannah Way – pretty much the path we took back from Broome

Normanton is only a small cattle town, just south of the Gulf of Carpentaria and sits on the Norman River.  It is most famous for its enormous saltwater crocodile ‘Krys’ who was shot in the Norman River.  He is the largest crocodile ever taken, at 8.6metres long, and there is a replica statue in the main street of Normanton to give you an idea of how big he was!  We couldn’t believe how massive – we sure wouldn’t ever like to come across one of those out in the wild!

The kids with 'Krys' the croc in Normanton

The kids with ‘Krys’ the croc in Normanton

We stayed at the Normanton Tourist Park and loved it.  They had a great swimming pool (huge!), hot pool and lovely shady sites (albeit a bit dusty), as well as nice clean amenities.  We had our second ‘Are We There Yet’ blog spotting here at the caravan park and got to meet Kevin and his girls who had been following along on our journey – it was so nice to have a chat to another traveller – thanks Kevin!

We had a very relaxing time in Normanton.  We walked downtown and checked out the information centre – it was great!  Heaps of interesting information in there and plenty for the kids to look at too – I think we spent an hour or two just wandering and reading in here!

The outside of the information centre in Normanton

The outside of the information centre in Normanton

We loved this seat out the front of the information centre - might have to get Matt to have a go at making one!

We loved this seat out the front of the information centre – might have to get Matt to have a go at making one!

Pictures of enormous crocodiles in the information centre

Pictures of enormous crocodiles in the information centre

And another enormous one!

And another enormous one!

As well as spending heaps of time relaxing by the the pool – we were trying to eek out the last of our ‘holiday’ before it was over – we took a just under one hour drive one afternoon and checked out Karumba, a small fishing town which sits on the ocean in the Gulf.  It was really lovely there, just such a bummer you can’t swim in the ocean due to crocodiles, but we had plenty of fun walking along the beach collecting shells.DSC_0280 IMG_3313

We really ‘lived it up’ with a spectacular final ‘treat’ dinner at the Sunset Tavern right on the beach.  It was a really memorable afternoon for us and a special way to close off our trip!DSC_0302 DSC_0310 DSC_0318 DSC_0330 DSC_0328 DSC_0332 DSC_0354 DSC_0388 DSC_0334 DSC_0335 DSC_0360 DSC_0374 DSC_0350

I think Karumba and Normanton will always have a special place in our hearts – definitely stop in there if you ever get the chance!

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The Savannah Way

DSC_0094After dragging ourselves reluctantly away from the Borroloola Rodeo at just after lunch time, we headed off along the Savannah Way towards Burketown and back into Queensland territory again. We aired down (dropped the pressure in our tyres to 28 PSI) just after we left the bitumen out of Borroloola and lucky we did as this stretch of the Savannah Way was the roughest patch of road we encountered on the whole trip!  It was quite narrow, very rocky and dusty, quite corrugated in sections and had lots of creek crossings!  It made for a really interesting/fun drive but did rattle the car and camper around a lot which meant it was quite slow going for us.

Creek Crossing

Creek Crossing

Creek Crossing

Creek Crossing

Peter Prado & Karen Camper on the Savannah Way

Peter Prado & Karen Camper on the Savannah Way

Matt checking out the depth and rocks on another Savannah Way creek crossing.

Matt checking out the depth and rocks on another Savannah Way creek crossing.

We saw only two other vehicles on the Savannah Way for the several hundred kilometres we travelled.  We loved it!  It felt like a real adventure!  We did, however, blow another tyre on the camper – much to Matt’s disgust!!

Can you tell that Matt is getting a little sick of changing flat tyres?!

Can you tell that Matt is getting a little sick of changing flat tyres?!

As we were late getting on the road we pulled up just before dark after only travelling about 100km’s that day, in a gravel pit on the side of the road.  It was the best free camp of the whole trip!  We were well back off the road with plenty of room, heaps of firewood to scavenge and not another person for miles, and miles and miles!  We had a great campfire dinner that night and even dragged a mattress out to lie by the fire under the stars – it was beautiful and oh so quiet!

The best roadside free camp of the whole trip!

The best roadside free camp of the whole trip!

Last campfire of the trip!

Last campfire of the trip!

Pretty good view out the bedroom window that night!

Pretty good view out the bedroom window that night!

The next morning we were up and away pretty early and it didn’t take long before we were crossing the border back in to Queensland – what a bummer!!

And we're back in Queensland!

And we’re back in Queensland!

Only two blog posts left to finish off our trip, which means it will be all over by the end of this week!! Noooooooooo!


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