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Hello!  Welcome to our little paddock of cyberspace!

We are the Fealy Family (aussies!) and this is where we like to record all the goings on of our little family.  This blog was originally started to share with our family and friends the experience of preparing for, and then undertaking our road trip around Australia which commenced in June 2013, after packing up and farewelling the last 13 years of our life in Brisbane!

We made it twelve weeks into our trip before we were offered the amazing opportunity to become farmers in Far North Queensland.  After some serious soul searching, we dragged ourselves off the beach in Cape Leveque, Western Australia and pointed Peter Prado and Karen Camper back towards the east!  That is where we are now, living in a little country town called Mareeba and managing ‘Blue Sky Produce’ a 153 acre Mango, Avocado, Passionfruit and Lime Orchard, with an onsite grading and packing shed.  I know, Holy Moly!  A massive change!

So, a little bit about us;

Matt – Dad, was the manager of Flight Centre’s 24 Emergency Call Centre (aka Travel Agent) before donning the farmer hat!  He writes the occasional blog post, but is more often responsible for lots of the photos you will see here.  Matt is a self-confessed ‘Mac Nerd’ and live music junkie!

Jess – Mum, Chartered Accountant by trade, currently taking some time out to be a Farmer’s Wife while baking Fealy Bub No 4!  I am the one who does most of the rambling on here as I love to write and spend far too much time in the world of social media!  I am a planner (yes I’m bossy!), I love photos and all types of books, cold weather, cosy fires and the rain!

Jack – 8 yrs old, Mr ‘Responsible’

Toby – 6 yrs old, Mr ‘Make Love not War’

Lexi – 4 yrs old, Miss ‘I Rule the Roost’

Bub No 4 – Due to launch into our lives on about the 27th of April, 2014.  Mr or Miss ‘I kick mum in the ribs’

Now this blog is all about, making memories of us!

We are passionate about farming and the future of the Australian Agricultural industry and would love to become ‘ag-vocates’ and connect with other like minded people.  We love to camp and travel.  We are trying to live life to the full and instil a love of the simple things and the beauty of the countryside in our kids.  Lastly, we are trying to remind ourselves of the things that are most important in life – Family (which includes friends), Working Hard and Playing Hard!

Feel free to follow along on our journey if you’d like to!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you imagined!”



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18 thoughts on “More About Us

  1. Carla Neary

    Loving this guys as you know how much I refuse to be on Facebook!! I am so excited for you all and hopefully we can catch up before you head off! Saved to my favourites already!!! lots of love Carla, Locky, Lily and .5!!!

  2. MurrayMorris

    I am in……..ready to go. You guys are inspirational. I love the way you “Just do it ! ”

    Murray, Leanne, Andrew and Simon.

  3. Duncan and Stella


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  5. Glad you are having a great trip as are we!!!! Kim and Rob from Melbourne

  6. Hello to the Fealy Family,
    Love your blog, What a trip.The kids will remember it all their lives.
    I have a request.
    May I use your photograph of the water pumping windmill in my blog.
    I am currently writing a story about my time in the outback as a young man and your photographs will help illustrate a part of it.
    Hope you agree.
    Let me know
    my blog is at
    Travel safe, travel far, travel enjoyably
    Roy Romsey

  7. Liz Roffey

    Hi Fealy Family, greetings from freezing cold, windy and wet Torquay, Victoria. From the amazing adventures you have done and seen, should you not remember, we are the family that followed you in to Ruby Gorge! We have been home for what seems an eternity with winter well and truly upon us. Now that I have finally found time to catch up on your blog I see that life has thrown you a “U turn from left field” and that a new adventure awaits. Your blog is incredibly inspirational with your simplistic but wonderful attitude to life and how I wish life could return to that simplicity that I once remembered as a child! I am disappointed you won’t be venturing our way later this year, however, should you ever do so, the invitation remains and we would enjoy catching up with you all. Our very best wishes to you and for the success of your new venture. Regards Liz, Steve, Will & Henry Roffey

    • Hello Roffey’s! Thank you for your lovely comments. We are dreading the post trip blues but hope that we will have just as much excitement in our new venture to distract us. It was great to meet you all and if we get down south some time we will pop in and say hi. If you guys every make it north make sure you do the same!

  8. KATE

    Hi Matt,

    It’s kate from assist! Beautiful photos!!!… …can I ask what camera you use? I really want to get whatever camera you guys have. hope you are having fun! definitely looks like it 🙂

    • Hey Roofi! Thanks for the comment. I’m shooting with a Nikon D5200 and mostly an 18-105mm Nikkor Lens, but also a Sigma 10-20mm Ultra wide angle lens for some of the really special shots. Hope all is well in your world.

  9. cat@thatbettiething

    Hi Jess,
    Love it. Well done. I love your blog too , though it makes me very envious!! Cheers, Cat

  10. You guys sound AWESOME! What an adventure! I am happy to have a new blog to look back through, will keep me occupied for a while.

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  12. mandyferry

    Hi Jess,
    I just found you via Pips. I have to say as soon as I started reading your blog I knew I’d have to follow along. I think we are two peas in a pod. Always searching for that meaningful life I’m a mum to three 8,6, almost 4. I blog about our family and our desire to create a beautiful life in the everyday. I’m currently trapped in the city trying to see the silver lining, but would love to travel around oz and find a little patch to call our own. Can’t wait to follow along on a regular basis. 🙂

    • Hi Mandy! Nice to meet you! I think you are right – we are very alike! I’ve signed up to follow along on your adventures too – looking forward to it! Thanks for saying hi!!!

  13. kev smith

    great great great
    hope to meet you guys one day

  14. Hi from redroveralloveroz. We are just outside Mareeba, at the Granite Gorge Nature Park. We have to do a few things in Cairns, and while we are in the area, i would love to come visit and say hi! Is there a good time to drop by in the next two weeks? Text me on 0407086212. cheers, Judith.

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