Two Weeks Away

Hi Everyone!

I know we’ve been missing in action on the blog over the last few weeks but we are currently away on two weeks holiday taking Black Betty on her maiden camping trip! As I write this we have been away for nearly a week and are currently enjoying a few nights stop at Lawn Hill National Park.

The boys have gone canoeing this morning and Lexi, Kipp and I are relaxing in the shade at the national park and making the most of the first internet/reception we have come across.

We are really, really happy with our new camper and can’t wait to fill you all in on our adventures when we get back in a bit over a week!

We had a bit of a rocky start with a late getaway, then a bit of trouble with the transmission in the car after a water crossing, and then we locked the only set of keys we had for the camper, inside the camper trailer and had to find a road work crew to help us smash the locks off so we could get access to our food! Gah! But after that 12 hour period we settled in and it really felt like we had never left the road!

Here’s just a few photos I have on my phone of a few bits of our trip so far, some better ones to come when we get back!!

Hope you are all well!






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5 thoughts on “Two Weeks Away

  1. Beth

    Looks beautiful and relaxing!!

  2. Malcolm Lacey

    Looks great the kids are all having fun camper looks good what ls it like traveling with a baby

  3. We’ve really enjoyed reading about your travels in your new rig. Lawn Hill is so fantastic. We were there for 9 days last year and then traveled back through Cobald Gorge to Cairns.

  4. Ye Gods!! What a start! So glad things have come good. We are looking forward to Lawn Hill as well …. After the Cape…

  5. Great Oz Escape

    Glad to hear you’re having a great break; we look forward to reading more about your latest adventures 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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