Fealy Family Photo Shoot

Fealy Family-2369 Copy ArtFealy Family-2103 Fealy Family-2159 Fealy Family-2178 Copy Art Fealy Family-2196 Fealy Family-2253 Fealy Family-2284 VER 2 Copy Art Fealy Family-2289 Fealy Family-2334

My lovely cousin Sarah drove all the way up from Townsville and took these beautiful photos for us, just after Kipp was born.  I love them sooooooooo much and wanted to share them here.

These photos remind me and make me feel so lucky every single day to have my precious family and the wonderful extended family I have on both sides.  I absolutely do belong to the BEST family in the world.

You know what though?  It’s not just luck that makes our little family and our big extended family such a good one.  It is hard work, kindness, caring and strength too.  It is about ALWAYS having an open door, open arms, food and a warm bed on offer, no matter how long it has been, if you have even met before, or what has happened in the past.

It is about creating traditions (birthday hangi’s, Christmas’s at Ben Avon Station and family adventures like Emu Park) and being able to push through the chaos; lack of sleep, being in close quarters ‘niggling arguements’ and ‘rum induced’ craziness that often comes with these events and sometimes the expense involved, to get to the long lasting bonding and memories.  These things don’t just happen on their own.  They have to be organised, family has to prioritise the time to be together and differences have to be set aside.

To get the stars to align in this way is not always easy, but it is oh so worth it!

So a big ‘thank you’ and ‘we love you lots’ to our family and friends from the Fealy Family.  Our door is always open!

Fealy Family-2139

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5 thoughts on “Fealy Family Photo Shoot

  1. Craig English

    Beautiful photos Jess!

  2. Just beautiful photos. My family would never pose so well, in particular the husband!

  3. cat@thatbettiething

    Oh Jess what a beautiful post. Almost as beautiful as those pictures. Thanks for this. I think I needed to be reminded this at the moment. You are a very warm and open person yourself. And brave-Rupert is 8 months old and I still won’t let a camera near me!

  4. Oh Jess – your family is something to aspire to. The warmth your family has emanates from the screen. What lovely photos – you have one talented photographer there xx

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