Taking Stock- June 2014

DSC_0097It’s the middle of the year already and I’m feeling a bit out of whack.  I’ve gotten slack with lots of things; blogging, meal planning; buying instead of baking, grocery shopping too often, not reading to the kids, not keeping on top of homework, not exercising, eating too much junk etc, etc, etc – I’ve lost my mojo a bit and am feeling slack, sluggish and unorganised  I don’t like it!

So, tonight I’m ‘Taking Stock’ again using Pip’s list.  You might remember I did that back in February and I really enjoyed it. The list did make me stop and have a bit of a think about what was going on in our life at present and helped to get my head straightened a little!  I’m using it as another little kick along to get me back on track!

I also loved reading everybody else’s lists last time – it was a great way to get up to date with what was happening in your lives and some were so funny, so feel free to copy the list and have a go yourself!

Here’s what’s going down in the Fealy household in June 2014;

Making : A newsletter for our local scout group.
Cooking : Chicken Stirfry for tea – it wasn’t great.
Drinking : Gah – Coke again – boo!  I kicked my nasty habit on our trip but it has snuck back in again!
Reading: Outback Magazine – love it!
Wanting: More time to read books, magazines, newspapers and blogs!
Looking: Forward to our Bell Girl’s weekend with my Mum and sisters this month!
Playing: This song by G.Love – not my usual but oh so funky!
Deciding: If I should start going to the gym or not?
Wishing: I could get it together and join in with the Walking Book Club – would be fun!
Enjoying: The first, beautiful little smiles from Kipp!
Waiting: For winter to arrive in Mareeba!  I want to wear jeans and a jumper!
Liking: Hearing the kids all singing – even if it is all ‘Frozen’ soundtrack songs!
Wondering: What our next big decision will be? You must read this post from Kate at Foxs Lane – it is so good!
Loving: Having a newborn in the house again!
Pondering: What sort of theme we can do for Toby’s birthday party in July?
Considering: What movies we need to watch on our girls weekend – any recommendations?
Watching: Greys Anatomy and Suits.
Hoping: That our first camper trailer trip with a newborn will be ok!  Otherwise it will be a long 2 weeks.
Marvelling: At how much can happen in 12 months!
Needing: Some new, non maternity clothes.
Smelling: Dog Poo – grrrr new puppy!
Wearing: Matt’s winter Pyjamas as all mine are in the wash due to baby puke!
Following: Think Big, Live Simply a new blog I’m checking out for inspiration on lots of things!
Noticing: That Matt and I are starting to show our age!  Wrinkles, grey hairs, no hair etc!
Knowing: It is way past my bedtime and I am going to be tired and cranky tomorrow!
Thinking: About what to do for the parent’s 60th and the sister’s 30th year’s in 2015.
Feeling: Excited about our 2 week camping holiday to Lawn Hill coming up very soon!
Admiring: My mum’s beautiful crotchet skills!!photo

Sorting: Nappies and inserts for nappies – love cloth nappies!
Buying: A pretty writing pad to start writing real, actual letters again. And stamps are 70cents now?  When did that happen?
Getting: Grumpy that I’m not getting everything done!
Bookmarking: http://www.kingfisherresort.com.au – we are heading there in a few weeks.
Disliking: The horrible barky coughs that the kids have at the moment!
Opening: The chook pen to collect the eggs.
Giggling: At this laundry inspired post by Kelle Hampton – I totally relate!
Feeling: Tired.
Snacking: Too much cake and chocolate.
Coveting: These boots, but not sure I can pull them off!
Wishing: I was better at keeping in touch with my friends.
Helping: At the Cairns Ironman Event on the weekend.
Hearing: Kipp feeding. Have a listen – he’s a little piggy!

Now it’s your turn!

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

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17 thoughts on “Taking Stock- June 2014

  1. Kate

    love it jess – just about to do it!!!!!! btw hoooooowwwwwww coooooolllllll – helping at the cairns ironman!!!! One of our swimmers is doing the half Lauren Murphy – maybe can you do a poster and randomly hang it!!!??? Jess i am sure that will inspire you to join the gym and the walking book club!!! i’m excited for you and envious!!!! ok do i actually post that list here???????

  2. You could totally pull off those boots *swoon* x

  3. Kate

    Now it’s your turn!

    Making : … ??? Posters for my Junior Squads to get them time orientated.. ok it’s a lie i’m doing this as procrastination instead!!!!!

    Cooking : 2 min noodles – literally – that’s as gourmet as i get these days – and you feel bad!!!!??

    Drinking : Herbal Tea and Red wine… yep depends what time of day! haha

    Reading: ‘Running Like a Girl’ – Jodi Heminsley: A fantastic fun, real, just… genuine motivating read for everyday women! – Jess i think you’d love it!!!

    Wanting: To have more $ so i could visit more people important to me, more easily.

    Looking: Around for a ‘Zac Effron look-a-like’ boyfriend – a newly discovered celeb crush – so hot right now!!! (where did that come from??? I swear i’m not usually a swooney, movie celeb groupy!!!??)

    Playing: Well i probably don’t play enough… but… plan on playing the guitar (must book my first lesson this week! – tomorrow i will do it!) and playing at more mountain climbing or nature stuff… oceans, parks etc etc…

    Deciding: To Tackle the things i’m scared of head on rather than trying to make huge goals to make me feel like a better person for avoiding and giving me excuse to avoid the things i’m scared of!!! Finally learnt it doesn’t bloody work!!!!

    Wishing: I had a mathematical, somewhat introverted personality – so jealous of those people that seem to get the little steps so easily!!!…

    Enjoying: dreaming about running an ultra.

    Waiting: Umm… i dunno!!? I’m trying to do less waiting and more action… so hopefully that’s why i can’t answer this???

    Liking: Finally owning my own TV!!! It’s awesome!!!

    Wondering: If goal setting and achieving goals is ever going to be something i can do!

    Loving: The fact that my best friend Ty is coming this weekend and that i get to see my Mum, (hopefully dad for lunch????) 2 sisters and new little bub nephew the week after!!!

    Pondering: Personality types… and if i waste too much time trying to analyse personality types / the ‘whys’ as a form of procrastination!

    Considering: doing the Yurrebilla Trail in Sept – 56km run and in Adelaide – i’ve never been there!!

    Watching: The Big Bang Theory – I just love them!!! It’s like having my own group of friends hanging out every night!! hahaha

    Hoping: That i’ll have enough $$ to make the Yurrebilla Trail run happen!!!

    Marvelling: That there is so much simple beauty in the natural world and that it has taken me so long to start to appreciate and make an effort to get amongst it.

    Needing: A mathematical / logical brain!

    Smelling: trying to smell…. not a good smeller but starting to get into candles around the home – rose and lavender.

    Wearing: Trackies i coached mum’s squad in and a jumper.

    Following: Well i’m new to ‘following’ but have started following an American Ultra Runner: called VanessaRuns.com… she’s currently living as a nomad, writing books, and running trails and learning to play the uke. I’ve only read one or two of her posts but she seems like an interesting person! Oh and of course Jess!

    Noticing: Life is better when you have fun friends around you – enjoying working with Karmen and i don’t think i tell her enough!

    Knowing: That it is time to tackle the things i’m crap at – i.e.: having a mathematical, logical brain when it comes to goal setting / programming and coaching my juniors!

    Thinking: I really really want to do the Yurrebilla trail – but that to do so guilt free i need to get my ass into gear with programming and coaching for my juniors!!

    Feeling: Excited at the thought of doing the Yurrebilla trail but overwhelmed at having to tackle my junior’s programming differently.

    Admiring: What i understand of Introverts to be their unshakeable sense of self. That and people that don’t overthink things and just … accept! It is what it is, we are what we are!

    Sorting: Out my bookshelves / old paperwork etc.

    Buying: Probably a pair of running shoes – and a cheap dvd player!

    Getting: Frustrated at my non mathematical brain!! … recurring theme much?

    Bookmarking: umm… i don’t know i love physiological articles (learning for coaching), personality articles or travelling / people’s thoughts on their life articles!!!

    Disliking: The fact that a dead body was found in Nambour. But on the flip side… hits home the reality and necessity of how … precious / flimsy? life is. Need for responsibility, appreciation etc…

    Opening: My programming diary – time to hit the books and get organised for this afternoon – freestyle day for Juniors… goaling to get my kids on Tier 4 of Junior Excellence Program….

    Giggling: at my cat!! She was so funny last night – going off at a stray cat sitting at our door – and paying absolutely no attention to her effort to get him to ‘piss off!’

    Feeling: … well…. good, but a little scatty because i’m not good at knowing where to start to get my juniors rocking and rolling and until i start that happening i feel like i can’t start getting stuck into my running goal… so… feeling a little…. flummoxed?? Nervous?? Frustrated?? Impatient with myself. But same time Proud cause i think i’m on the right track.!

    Snacking: On barbecue Snakatas (rice crackers) oh and dark chocolate.

    Coveting: Umm…. well Jess you put some boots (they were awesome by the way!! love them!!! do it with black tights and a really long creamy brown sweater knit thing!!!) Umm…. well… i think i would love a little gold bangle…??

    Wishing: For real Happiness for my mum and dad’s daily lives. and for my two sister’s lives always! If not always happy moments then the ability and strength to make and build happiness!

    Helping: well… hopefully helping my little swimmer kids, become healthy, happier and stronger individuals by teaching them skills to achieve for themselves and by themselves.

    Hearing: Trains, cars and general mechanical stuff – live next to a mechanic – pretty bloody handy by the way – who needs a tool kit when you live next to a friendly mechanic!! He leant me a screw driver to put my TV together!! awesome!

    • So, so good Kate! You put a TV together – what the? impressed! An ultra marathon – holy moly! I’m flat out running down the driveway! But good goal I say!! You made me laugh! Give the cat a pat for me & see you in a week!!

      • Kate

        hehe glad you got a laugh – that’s fun – kinda want to post the template on facebook – wonder if ppl would do it! Hey seriously if you’re looking for a fun light read – try and get a hold of that book!! It was so good!! she was just so funny and real and simple!!!

  4. Kate

    PS – that is funny timing!! One of my Mum’s Squad mother’s has JUST returned from a trip to Lawn Hill- she LOVED it!! said it’s absolutely somewhere you should visit once at least!

    and Mum – wow – those are beautiful!!!!

  5. Liz Hollier

    Jess love your post! Kipp sounds like Daniel feeding at the moment … Except half way through he chokes because he is gulping milk so fast! Greedy boys 🙂

    • Liz – Kipp chokes too! Especially on the side I have designated ‘high’ flow! I didn’t want to record him choking just in case it freaked everybody out!!

      • Liz Hollier

        Ha I know what you mean. They must realise they have 3 siblings to keep up with!

  6. Beth

    Making : Excuses! On why I can’t seem to set any goals!
    Cooking : Pancakes for afternoon tea for the boys. Nothing exciting but made me think that I need to do some exciting cooking, or something different at least.
    Drinking : Water, used up my coffee allowance for the day. 😦
    Reading: TripWire by Lee Childs on my Kindle. The Jack Reacher books have got me a little hooked.
    Wanting: To know when we will move to Pannawonika.
    Looking: At my pile of washing that needs to be folded, hate folding and hate putting them away even more.
    Playing: Bullrush with the boys at the park on the way home from school. Uno and Monopoly are big favourites in our house at the moment too.
    Deciding: Whether to have a go at an adventurethon. Don’t know if I am brave enough or where we will be to work out the logistics.
    Wishing: I could zip the family over here for a weekend or vice versa.
    Enjoying: Having friends visit, catching up and feels just like when we were growing up. So many shared memories and friends. And enjoying a few adventures while they are here.
    Waiting: For Rod to get home, the life of a FIFO wife.
    Liking: All the new places I get to explore since moving to WA
    Wondering: How to keep a career alive with FIFO lifestyle and a move to a remote location.
    Loving: A warm fire on a cold night
    Pondering: How to live a life less ordinary…..hmmm….can I have a lasting impact on those immediately around me but also on a bigger scale. No answers on that one yet.
    Considering: Starting a blog.
    Watching: Offspring. Makes me laugh.
    Hoping: That my migraines bugger off again.
    Marvelling: At how the boys, Rod and I ended up here, sitting on a hill in Perth WA.
    Needing: To get dinner sorted before going to footy training.
    Smelling: The residual smell of pancakes in the air.
    Wearing: Jeans, jumper and my ugg boots. Love being able to wear jeans every day if I want. Not much of a season for jeans in Townsville.
    Following: The Natural Nutritionist, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and Poliquin
    Noticing: That my backyard is covered in leaves, all the beautiful colours of autumn.
    Knowing: That I have to get moving in about 5 mins
    Thinking: That I may not finish this in time and that my last answers are going to be the first thing that pops into my head
    Feeling: Tired, been a big week with friends visiting, cousin staying, and boys cross country.
    Admiring: My nicely made bed….sad but true.
    Sorting: Our finances. How do we ever get ahead??
    Buying: A house in Perth
    Getting: A sore back because of the awkward way I am sitting. Not good I know.
    Bookmarking: Adventurethon blogs, training sites.
    Disliking: The kids making bloody mess everywhere
    Opening: Emails and thinking I need to delete 1000 of them
    Giggling: Over Corey’s run in his mini cross country yesterday. He kept running in front of the Year 7 kid who was leading them over the course and heading off into the bush, wanted to do it like the big kids. hehe
    Feeling: Like I really need to finish this and get moving!!!
    Snacking: On Lightly salted chickpeas or the broadbean ones are yummy as well. New favourite snack!!
    Coveting: Lots of new winter jackets and boots but can’t justify them especially with my non existant social life.
    Wishing: That it was the weekend.
    Helping: The kids with their homework, bane of my existence.
    Hearing: The kids fighting….time to go.

    • Kate

      Oh beth do it!!!! that’s where you swim, mountain bike ride and maybe… canoe?? or kayak?? Is that correct???? i reckon they’d be pretty funn!!!!! You’d smash it!!! hardest thing maybe the kayak?? (logistically speaking) but training at least you could probably do anywhere?? oh do it do it!

  7. cat@thatbettiething

    Oh Jess. You are doing a fab job. The baking and everything will come back. Our 4th is 8 months old and it’s only recently I’ve felt any sort of mojo at all. Xx
    I loved the audio. That newborn sound is so so beautiful. Cherish it. X

  8. cat@thatbettiething

    Ps. Yes. You could sooo pull the boots off. Xx

  9. Great list Jess! I need to do the Take Stock thing again too – need to find another few hours in the day!

  10. Loving this list, love the boots, listening to the song and wow – that crochet is so perfect and beautiful! x

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