Flashback Friday – 12 months ago today ………….

On this night twelve months ago, Matt and I had put the kids to bed amongst the chaos that was our camper. It was the night before we were due to head off from Brisbane, on what was to be a year or so travelling around Australia.

We were exhausted and emotional after packing up and saying goodbye to our home and friends. We were feeling a little bit terrified – asking ourselves what on earth we were doing turning our whole lives upside down and were we really going to be able to live this nomadic life?  We were excited too, wondering what the adventure ahead of us would hold!  It’s funny how distinctly I can remember how I felt that night – writing this I can still feel my stomach churning at all that had happened and was yet to happen.  We felt a little amazed and proud of ourselves too, that this plan we had dreamed up two years earlier was actually coming to fruition.

Lexi had just turned four years old that day.  I will always be grateful to the crew at BMR (my old workplace) who surprised Lexi with a cake when I dropped in to say a final farewell and have some forms witnessed.  It made mine and Lexi’s day as we didn’t have time to do anything for Lexi for her birthday due to all the madness of packing – I still feel a little guilty about that (plus the fact that she got her 4yr old vaccinations on her birthday – eeeek)!


Tomorrow, Lexi turns five. I am sitting here writing this while I wait for her birthday cake to come out of the oven and the bacon and egg pie and chocolate slice for tomorrow’s picnic birthday lunch, to cool down enough to put away in the fridge.  I can’t believe a year has gone by already!

What an amazing year it has been!  Although our trip was cut short, those three months were the BEST thing we have ever done!!  The memories we have from that trip make us so happy.  From the dinosaurs in Winton, to the camels in Boulia, the magic of watching the sunset over Uluru, walking at Kata Tjuta, the huge walk at Kings Canyon in the rain, Palm Valley, Matt playing the ‘spoons’ at Glen Helen Gorge, 4’wding to Ruby’s Gap, breaking down at the Devil’s Marbles and spending a whole week in Tennant Creek, beautiful Lake Argyle, the sand and sunset swimming in Broome, slowing down at Middle Lagoon, surviving the Gibb River Road and eeeking out the last days with a Karumba sunset.  Oh, so, so, sooooo good.  We lived, loved and saw so much in those three short months!DSC_0302

And then?  We became Mango/Avocado/Lime and Passionfruit farmers who’ve even survived our first mango and avocado season!

Twelve months ago, we could not have imagined this is where we would be now.  And a new baby in the family?  Only on the wish list!20140530-223023.jpg

So much that could never have even been dreamed about while we sat there in that camper this time last year!  I do yearn to go back out on the road and visit all the places we never made it to, especially now there are so many caravans and campers around up here.  However, I am blown away by all that has happened in our lives over the past 12 months and so very grateful, we are a very lucky family indeed and this year will have to go down as one of the best in the Fealy Family history I am sure!  I wonder what we will be doing at the end of May 2015??

Can you remember what you were doing at this time last year??  What does the next twelve months hold for you?20140530-231532.jpg




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13 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – 12 months ago today ………….

  1. Sue

    Hello Peter Prado People,
    Well, I remember exactly what I was doing 12 months ago, and that is reading your wonderful blog and feeling very excited for you all. I probably read it not long after you posted it and I really cannot believe that it was 12 months ago myself.
    In that time I have used your site to refer to constantly for information on things needed for travels, places to go, your fossicking places etc etc. We have read Matt’s blog about the blokey stuff and it has all been very helpful for when we begin our travels.
    We have 3 boys the same age as your eldest 3 (congratulations on young Kipp BTW), and hence find all your information very relevant to us. It has been a wonderful resource.
    Sue and all the Y chromosomes

    • Hello Sue and all the Y chromosomes! Love your name hehehe! Thank you for the lovely comments!! When do you hit the road?

      • Sue

        Hello Peter Prados again!!
        We have been planning for 3 years and hoping to make the journey for as long as we could in 2015. We are currently working in Darwin with my husband’s work and desperate to start our travels from up and head west. We are from Adelaide and have been up here for 9 months. It has been a long process but we have certainly learnt a lot along the way. Your blog has been excellent for great information. I am on it all the time re reading helpful hints!!!!
        Darwin is an extremely expensive place and so has slowed our saving ability but we still hope to head off before the end of this year. Fingers crossed!!!
        Sue and all the Y’s

  2. Michelle English

    12 months ago I shed a few tears that our very good Fealy friends were leaving. And a terrible thought just occurred to me….Jess you’ve achieved all your goals again. Big trip around Australia, tick. Find a new place to settle and fall in love with, tick. Have the fourth Fealy baby, tick. Look out everybody, a new set of goals will be produced shortly…this family mean business when they set goals.

    What a great team you guys are. Trip to Brisbane for a party with Samford friends….oh wait, there’s no tick yet xo

  3. Carla

    12 months ago – the suburb of Wynnum claimed you guys as their own!!! Remember the newspaper story!!!! And I was ready to pop!!! Now Carter is turning 1 in a few weeks – where does the time go!!! Great flashback Friday Jess!!!!

    • Can’t believe Carter is nearly one Carla!! Time flies for sure!!! Hehehe – I still giggle about that Wynnum newspaper article – too funny!

  4. cat@thatbettiething

    12 months ago I was packing the family up for a holiday in Queensland (to escape the Tassie winter). Ahhhh….this year we are preparing the house for sale so we can move there permanently!! Not sure where we are going yet. Somewhere between Bass Straight & Torres Straight! Suggestions??

    • Hello Cat! Come live up here! The climate is fantastic! You would probably like Townsville better though? I did love Brissy but it does still get a bit cold there so maybe not great for your kid lets? Super exciting news about your move though!

      • cat@thatbettiething

        Brissy – cold? Ha. You are a real far north Queenslader! The yokels down here used the words ‘warm’ & ‘humid’. It was 14 degrees! Jokes aside I would love your neck of the woods. Not so keen on Brownsville. Not such good city slickers either. Would love to know of some places in your area to check out. Know of any more avocado farms in need of farmers??

  5. Hi Jess,
    This time last year I too was avidly reading your blog, having discovered it just a couple of weeks before you headed off on your adventure. I still remember how ridiculously excited I was for you on the day you left, and how eagerly I awaited each new post! Back then, our own adventure seemed such a long way off, but we’re now counting down the last couple of months until we hit the road…so I’ll be reading back through your blog all over again for tips and inspiration. Thank you for sharing your travels (and now your new life as farmers of some of my favourite foods!), and congrats on the new addition to the Fealy family…another little adventurer, no doubt 🙂

    • Hi Kim! Thanks for the lovely comment! I was only thinking about you guys the other day and wondering if you had headed off yet – can’t wait to live vicariously through you guys now! A couple of months will just fly by! Thanks so much for your advice on camper trailers – we unfortunately couldn’t source a Cameron in our price range but we are pretty happy with ‘Black Betty’ so far – must get Matt to get a post up about her soon! Thanks again for the kind words and have fun with the countdown!!

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