Flashback Friday – “Free”

Well, seeing as we finished all of the posts about our trip yesterday, it seems only fitting that this week’s Friday Flashback be dedicated to a small photo montage of our adventure.  Using our theme song of course, “Free” by Zac Brown Band as the background music.  Man, we had a great trip! Just click play and watch the video!  If you are thinking about a trip like this – JUST DO IT!!!

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6 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – “Free”

  1. Carla

    Yep I am crying again!!!!

  2. Murray

    That’s Gold, Jess. Lovely memories and inspiration for the rest of us.

  3. Ang & hans

    Just lovely Jess. Nic loved the pictures and your music selection. You look very relaxed in a few of those pics!

  4. Ben Fealy

    Me too Carla.. good on you guys!

  5. cat@thatbettiething

    Loved it. Thanks. I’ve sent it to my dear ol hubby hoping itl bring him round….

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