Sunday Snapshot – Chocolate Slice

I’m starting to slow down now, the wheels are starting to fall off a little I think!  I’m just getting too big and tired – eight weeks to go until this baby arrives seems like a loooooong time at this point!  So, I missed our Flashback Friday post this week and nothing terribly exciting to share today I’m afraid!

My oven has been fixed, yay, and it was just slightly cooler here so Lex and I decided to make our super easy, super yum, favourite chocolate slice.  I’ve been inspired to try to get back to some ‘Sunday Baking’ after following one of my ‘Blog With Pip’ classmates, “I Give You the Verbs” yummy Sunday Baking treats, but an easy slice was about all I could summon up the effort for today.

This is the recipe, handed down to me from my mum, if anybody is interested.   It is super easy, super quick and requires very few ingredients!  I made this quite a bit while we were travelling on our trip in the camper – only a bowl, spatula and slice tin required!

Chocolate Slice

1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of coconut, 1 cup of self raising flour, 2 tablespoons of cocoa.

Melt 125grams of butter, pour over dry ingredients, plus 1 egg well beaten with 1 teaspoon of vanilla.

Mix well.  Press into Glad Bake lined slice tin and bake at 200degrees for 20mins (soft) or 25mins (crisp).

For a quick and easy icing option spread with Nestle Choc Melts while hot out of the oven and spread with a knife.

And that’s it!  Half of our slice is gone already – pretty much guaranteed to always taste delicious! Did you do any baking today?  Anybody willing to share an easy slice recipe with me?

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot – Chocolate Slice

  1. Beth

    I made a carrot slice and chocolate muffins with choc chip and raspberry. Kids told me both were delicious, all packed up and in the freezer for lunches. Did some rolls too for the freezer: curried eggs, chicken and cheese, sausage and sauce. Add some fresh fruit from the markets and I am ready to face the week!!

  2. Thankyou for the mention! So sweet of you – I’m enjoying the weekly baking but will definitely need to expand my repertoire. That slice looks like one I’ll have to try. Be well.

  3. thatsummerfeeling1

    That looks delicious. I remember that recipe from high school, I think it was the first thing I learned to cook. Unfortunately now that I can’t eat gluten and there are no longer any kids in my house, I really don’t do any baking.

  4. Emily psaila

    You have to try the chocolate brownie slice recipe on the back of the Cadbury coco tin! Easy and beautiful, great sweet or after noon tea. That was my baking and it’s gone, didn’t even make the lunch boxes this morning.

  5. What did you use for an oven while you were travelling?

    • We had a Goldstream camper with a small gas oven in the kitchen – made it very easy to still do some baking on the road.

      • Ah! I have never done much baking but i did pack some silicone muffin cups and even made two batches somewhere in the NT. However, baking for us on the road means an outdoor fire and it has been either too hot or fire bans since about October (2013) to try again. Given my general lack of success over the years with baking, i still find myself surprised when i hear of people baking seriously when travelling!!! LOL!!!

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