Ballet Girl

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This term Lexi started ballet.  This world of dance is so very new for us.  I have never danced.  In fact I am the world’s worst dancer!  I am a netball or a swimming club kinda girl!  I feel so out of place waiting outside the dance studio with all the other dance mums.  I have no idea how to do Lexi’s hair into a nice ballet bun, I don’t know how to braid hair, or do makeup, or even sew costumes, and we had to get the lady at the dance wear shop to find everything we needed for her ballet class!

But, the girl in our family wants to give it a shot and I want to try to let go a little!  To let Lexi do something that maybe neither of us will be great at, but it will be just for pure and simple enjoyment and perhaps that is enough. Maybe we’ll only do it for a term, or maybe a year, or maybe it will turn out to be something she loves for the rest of her life.  I’m trying not to over think it.

Plus, there’s still plenty of time for her to be an olympic swimmer or netballer yet, right? 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Ballet Girl

  1. Pretty photo of Lexi, I like that she looks so serious, but also enjoying her ballet.

  2. Just wait for the concert. Honestly, how many rehearsals does a 5 minute spot require?? Even with the 40 odd rehearsals they all froze once they got onstage. It was kinda cute!! I strongly encouraged Ingrid to consider gymnastics this year, but without luck. Sadly.

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