‘Toes in the Water’ in Broome

We’re jumping ahead a little with the blog posts, but we just wanted to share the fun we have been having here in Broome over the last few days, before we head out of reception tomorrow. We have loved, loved, loved our time in Broome. We will write a proper blog post about where we went, where we stayed, what we did etc when we are back in reception.

Enjoy Broome – Fealy Family style to the sounds of Zac Brown Band ‘Toes’.

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15 thoughts on “‘Toes in the Water’ in Broome

  1. Sarah.

    I LOVED this Fealy family. Smiled from start to finish. Well done!!

  2. Brendan


  3. Love it !!!

  4. Craig English

    Oh……how wonderful, enjoy.
    Great video!

  5. Murray

    Excellent!! This raises the bar for bloggers. Great to see Tobes and Jack standing up on the board. You can feel the enjoyment you are all having…….I am very jealous.

  6. Beth Campbell

    Aaagghh you guys suck. That’s just awesome…looks absolutely fantastic and sooo relaxing!! Captures what this trip was all about! Love the surfing too, Riley is going to be so jealous.

  7. Play it again – full screen, full volume !!…. can almost smell the sea….

  8. Gayel

    Wow you guys are really living the dream, just watched this video it is awesome and loved the song too!

  9. August 2, 2013
    Roy Romsey
    Hello to the Fealy Family,
    Love your blog, What a trip.The kids will remember it all their lives.
    I have a request.
    May I use your photograph of the water pumping windmill in my blog.
    I am currently writing a story about my time in the outback as a young man and your photographs will help illustrate a part of it.
    Hope you agree.
    Let me know
    my blog is at http://www.itravelstories.blogspot.com
    Travel safe, travel far, travel enjoyably
    Roy Romsey

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  11. Kate

    Wow!! awesome!! woooohoooo Tobe – pro surfer!!! look at his hand position as he’s getting up!!!! Jess you look great!! gotta be said though there’s a photo where the camel is getting up and you’re squealing – mum all over!!!! hehehe love love love the photo of you and matt opening the champa’s!!!

    • Hey Kate! Yeah I hand picked all those photos and just loved the looks on Jess and Tobes faces on the camels! I almost didn’t use the champers shot because Jess and I look like dorks, but hey, we always said this blog would be ‘real’ 🙂

  12. Mel Damon

    Hey Matt and family, hope you guys are having a ball on your travels….. just wanted to let you know that Tinka (aka Sllnky) is currently enjoying being spoilt wrotten at the Damon household. My son Jack (6) just loves her and she has been found many a time sleeping on his bed.
    She has a lovely temperament with the kids but bosses our dog around, eats his food and seems pretty content in her new home.
    Anyhow, just thought Id give you an update 🙂

    Keep safe and enjoy
    Mel Damon

    • Mel – thanks so much for letting us know that Slinky is going well! We miss her but there are three cats here at our new farm keeping us amused! We are soooo happy Slinky went to a great home – I think she got an upgrade!!

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