Devils Marbles

20130725-221124.jpgEven though we have only four weeks left on the road (check out our ‘Big News’) if you’re not sure what is going on – I’m still keen to keep the blog rolling so hopefully there’s still a few people following along!

After a great few days in the East MacDonnell Ranges we decided we were definitely ready for warmer weather and that it was time to move north.  We headed back in to Alice Springs again to see if the camera lens Matt wanted was in stock yet (it wasn’t!  Matt was so disappointed!) and to stock up on fuel and groceries.

We decided to have a splurge on a treat lunch and check out the Alice Springs ‘Bojangles Saloon’.  The pub was really interesting – full of all kinds of memorabilia and cowboy gear – the kids loved it.  The food was only ok, but still worth the visit.

Bojangles Saloon - Alice Springs

Bojangles Saloon – Alice Springs


A 'treat' lunch with lots to look at

A ‘treat’ lunch with lots to look at

Cowboy at the bar

Cowboy at the bar

It was late afternoon before we left Alice Springs so we decided just to get an hour or so down the road and find a free camp somewhere.  We had a quick stop at Aileron to check out the ‘big people walking’ – they were fantastic!



'Big People Walking' statues

‘Big People Walking’ statues


They were really beautiful!

They were really beautiful!

We found a free camp at a rest stop not far from Aileron and pulled up for the night – even leaving the camper hitched up to the car for a quick get up and go the next morning.

Its a tight squeeze but we can leave the car hitched up to the camper

Its a tight squeeze but we can leave the car hitched up to the camper

Our first stop the next day was Wycliffe Well – the UFO capital of Australia – not a lot there but we found it interesting enough.

Wyecliff Well

Wycliffe Well



And then we arrived at Devils Marbles about lunch time and this was where we experienced the first of our car troubles which you have all heard so much about!  As we arrived fairly early at the national park campground at the Devils Marbles, we had no trouble finding a campsite, it did get very full by the end of the day!  The kids loved being able to climb all over the rocks – the best playground ever they said!  Our time at Devils Marbles was probably a little tainted by our worry about the car, Matt spent most of the afternoon tinkering around trying to work out what the problem with the car was.  However, we still managed a good afternoon walk around the rocks and some sunset photo taking.  The Devils Marbles really are quite beautiful in their own way, not as grand as Uluru but definitely something about them and worth a visit!

'Fealy Family Walking' at Devil's Marbles - inspired by the 'Big Men Walking' at Aileron

‘Fealy Family Walking’ at Devil’s Marbles – inspired by the ‘Big Men Walking’ at Aileron

Off to explore the Devils Marbles

Off to explore the Devils Marbles

20130725-221041.jpg 20130725-221100.jpg 20130725-221052.jpg

Our campsite at the Devils Marbles

Our campsite at the Devils Marbles


Kids Playground

Kids Playground







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5 thoughts on “Devils Marbles

  1. Nice form Matt

  2. Beth Campbell

    Love the cowboy at the bar! Haha some great photos in this lot!

  3. Gayel

    Love the Fealy family walking photo.

  4. I just googled Big People Walking, because we saw them today and your blog came up on the front page of google – #famous! We’re staying the night north of Ti Tree and heading out to see the Devils Marbles tomorrow. Exciting times 🙂

    • Awwwww! That’s a bit cool!! The Devils Marbles are awesome – gets pretty crowded there when camping though! Go early to get a good spot!

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