A Post from Jack


“My name’s Jack, I’m seven.  I am talking and mum is typing this blog post from me.  We went to the Desert Park.  It was in Alice Springs.  I really liked the Desert Park because it had lots of animals.  Some were endangered animals like: Bilby, Mala and Bettong Mouse.  We saw lots of birds.  We saw a Bird of Prey show and I really liked it.  We saw kangaroos, they were Red Kangaroos.  We heard an Aboriginal talk and we got to see the medicines they used.  We saw the Wedge Tailed Eagle and got to have a photo with him.  His name was Labelle.  He got his name from a cattle station up in Darwin.  We saw coconuts that were named bush coconuts.  They are a type of wasp’s home and they have a grub inside that tastes nice and the flesh on the inside tastes like coconut.  Man – I should have got a picture of a bush coconut!  I didn’t really mean to say that but mum just typed it in anyway.  I took some photos on my underwater camera that my grandparents gave me – it actually works out of the water  Do you think that’s enough for this post?? Mummmm!!!  I hope you enjoy my photos.”














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6 thoughts on “A Post from Jack

  1. Well done, Jacko – would love to hear more of your thoughts on your big adventure, and to see more of your photos !

  2. The Van Schoor's

    That’s awesome Jack! What a fabulous adventure you’re on. We love looking at the photos you & your parents take but especially like hearing how you’re enjoying yourself.
    Say hi to Toby & Lexi for us? We’re having fun in your house & looking after your plant!

  3. Patrick & Kathryn

    Dear Toby jack and lexi
    We hope you Are having a great trip and have great holiday and do lots of good work
    And we love you so much
    And hope to see you again
    And we are back at school
    And we hope we can get to one hundred party
    From Patrick and Kathryn typed by dad

  4. Gayel

    Hello Jack! I loved reading your post about the Desert Park and hearing that you enjoyed it a lot. We still remember the Wedge Tail Eagle and his performance, it was amazing. Is that a Curlew I can see in one of your photos? Keep up your blogging Jack! Have Fun ! xx

  5. Beth Campbell

    Hi Jack, so glad to see you are having a good time! You should have taken a photo of the bush coconut, I would have liked to see it!! You never know you might see it again on your travels now you know what to look for! See ya, keep travelling, keep blogging.

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