We’ve hit the big time! (In Wynnum)

So, we discovered today that we have been featured this week in the ‘Wynnum Herald’ a Quest Community Newspaper.  I know we were between houses, neighbours, campers and cousins before we left – but we were pretty sure we lived in Samford!  Seems that if you have a sleepover at Wynnum (thanks Carla & Lachie!) you become an official resident – looking out for the rates notice in the mail!!  Unfortunately the paper seems to believe we are a Wynnum Family and have gotten a few details incorrect – gotta love the accuracy in the media today!!  We only discovered the article after noticing some hits on our blog coming from a link on the Wynnum Herald E-Newspaper site !  Hehehe – Carla and Lachie if you have a copy of the paper can you save the article for us for prosperity please???  Interesting to see that an article can be published about us without us even knowing anything about it or at least getting to have some say in the photos used to make sure we had brushed our hair or had clean clothes on (I do intend to email the paper and clear up some inaccuracies)!!  Anyway – thought we would share the article here for you all to get a bit of a giggle out of it!2013-07-05 09.44.15 pm


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3 thoughts on “We’ve hit the big time! (In Wynnum)

  1. Carla

    That is way too funny – I wonder which one of the neighbours leaked the story he he he!!! I will make sure we track down a copy for you guys currently our latest wynnum herald is waterlogged and sitting under Locky’s car:)

  2. Beth Campbell

    Haha, that is just hilarious that they have plucked the story from your blog! But do admit that it makes a great story, and a great way to show off the home grown fun that is available in Australia! Good one Fealy Family!!

  3. MIchelle English

    Well you guys do make good copy, he he! Wynumm, Samford, what’s the difference. Actually we should really get you in the Village Pump now! I guess anything on the net is fair game for a journo, and the photos look pretty good to me xo

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