The ‘Worry’ List

IMG_2677At this point in our trip preparations I am flipping between being totally excited about heading off and the places we will see, the time we will have to spend all together and the adventure of it all, or like today – totally freaking out about what on earth we have gotten ourselves in for!!

I know I am a stressor and an over thinker.  I know we are heading off on the 1st of June no matter what and that our reasons for doing our trip are important to us.  But I’m worried and just a bit scared and nervous. Not helped by the fact that today the kids were little terrors – misbehaving, fighting and making so much mess!

So here’s my ‘worry list’.  I’m concerned ……………………………………

  1. About how on earth we are going to get our 1 acre block, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 5 person house all packed up and cleaned in time.
  2. That we will be so freezing cold and miserable for the first few months of our trip as we are heading off in the middle of winter.  I’m worried our sleeping bags won’t be warm enough and nor will our clothes!
  3. About our kids thinking that life is just one big holiday and not knowing the value of hard work!  I’m sure with all the camping/travelling we have done with them it seems like all we do is go on holidays!
  4. I feel a bit guilty, that maybe we don’t deserve this trip.  Some people work their whole lives before they get to go off on an adventure like ours.
  5. I’m worried that after 8 years of shift work and crossing paths like ships in the night most of the time, that Matt and I won’t know how to spend so much time together anymore!
  6. About the kids fighting ALL of the time and driving us all nuts!
  7. That we haven’t had enough experience with 4-wheel driving or travelling in remote areas.  I’m not sure what we are in for!  We really wish we had of joined a four wheel drive club a year ago.
  8. That by probably getting to the Kimberley in August we have left it to late and won’t get to see the true beauty of that area.
  9. I’m worried about leaving behind all the great friends and community we have here in Brisbane and not finding anything like that again!  It has taken us this long to finally start feeling like we belong!
  10. About the kids schooling and that we won’t do enough with them while we are travelling and they will get too far behind and have to repeat a year.
  11. I love routine and organising.  I’m not sure I will like not having that.
  12. That something major will break down on the trip or on our house that we are renting which will throw our whole budget for the trip out!
  13. About our little car not selling and having to offload it for whatever we can get, therefore significantly reducing our fuel budget for the trip.
  14. That we are not going to fit everything in the 20ft container we have ordered to store our house.
  15. I’m worried that our dog is losing his marbles and is going to be a burden on those who look after him for us.

And there are so many more little silly things but those are the main ones!  What on earth are we thinking doing this trip?!?!

I’m taking myself off to bed, I am sure it will all seem better in the morning and hopefully in a few months I can laugh at all these worries.

Nothing Great is Easy, Nothing Great is Easy, Nothing Great is Easy …………………………………..

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11 thoughts on “The ‘Worry’ List

  1. MIchelle English

    Okay Jess we are going to have to have the ‘there are no problems, only puzzles and challenges to solve’ talk again! It’s always good to get your worries down on paper though. Now go through the list again and realistically challenge yourself to write each point differently and in a positive way eg –
    3. So what if our kids think life is a holiday right now? It is!
    4. We deserve this fabulous trip and we have worked hard to get here.
    Also – reread Why Are We Doing This.
    It is just our minds that make life hard – creating all these silly stories that we actually believe, annoying little things they are!

  2. Aaargh Michelle – you are so on ‘speed dial’ for the trip when I need the talk hehehe – be prepared! You’re right – just re-read Why Are We Doing this – feeling a bit back on track – off to pack another box 🙂

  3. As I was reading this, I thought “I bet Jess wrote this just before bed” because that’s where females do their best worrying. Perfect conditions for a good nights sleep! Plus there was no technical stuff, so it couldn’t have been Matt.
    So in true male style of been there, done that, here are the answers (without any empathy but full of sarcasm):
    1. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Just keep nibbling.
    2. One word: layers and water bottles.
    3. Your kids are too young to think like that yet… wait till they are teenagers for the whole ‘the world owes me everything’
    4. People don’t deserve anything in life, it’s what they create. This is your holiday, not someone elses to judge.
    5. Your right, 24/7 will be hard. The fact that you acknowledge it is a start. Try to find time to be by yourself for a hour or so on your trip, whether it’s going for a drive or visiting something by yourself. Same for Matt.
    6. Still working on that one myself.
    7. Thought the same when we did our first 4wd trip. Turns out, the outback isn’t that hard after all. Really. You’ll see.
    8. We did it in late Sept last year. The beauty doesn’t go away, it’s always there.
    9. True friends value your friendhsip not matter where you are.
    10. Keep teaching them the basics, and they’ll learn more on the road than at school. Don’t stress over ‘have they done enough school work today/this week’, it’ll ruin your holiday.
    11. Oh soooo soooo wrong. Your trip will be more regimented than the army in it’s daily planning, organising and execution. Only kid-less couples/retiree’s have the luxury of ‘what next? who cares’
    12. Stressing over stuff you can’t change? Pointless. You have insurance and full roadside assist right? That’s as much as you can do.
    13. It’ll happen… eventually. Just keep it looking shiny!
    14. Perfect chance for a clean out. When you’re back form your trip, you’ll realise how much ‘stuff’ we don’t need in our lives.
    15. Possibly, but his reaction (and the kids) of when you see him again when you get back will make up for it.
    16. answer 2 was four words… merrr whatever.
    So (with tongue in cheek) I offer ‘harden up princess… you’re about to have a trip of a lifetime.
    Seriously though, don’t spoil the trip and that includes the lead up to it, by stressing too much, especially over the little things. You guys are sooo fortunate (not lucky!) to be able to do this. You’ve worked hard and planned well, don’t fall over before the line yet.

    Now go get back to packing…

  4. Lee – we really appreciate your comments – some great, great advice in there! You’ve made me feel heaps better about the Kimberley timing!! I’ve had my ‘teaspoon of cement’ and I’m off to have another bite at the Elephant! 🙂

  5. You should be enjoying this build up, for us leading up to the departure was as much fun as doing the trip as it is the anticipation of not knowing what we were getting ourselves into, but knowing it will be fantastic whatever happens. Enjoy the moment, all of the jobs will get done on time as they always do, the kids are going to have a fantastic time and will make so many new friends, and you will never get family time like this again, including spending time with your husband…

  6. Hehehe – Lyndon it’s only every other day that I freak out – the rest of the time I am mostly excited! Bring on the end of the month!

  7. Stewart Bell

    The above have said it all , and said it so well – almost there, Jess, just keep putting one foot in front of the other and remember that every journey begins with one step …. Xx Mum

  8. Murray Morris

    Great replies there team……we are all going through this with you Jess, you are not alone.
    Just checked 208 followers and growing if you get into trouble surely someone can help.

    Go Girl, it’s good to get it out there so if anyone can help they will offer, look at all the advice you have received………and I must say all constructive. Great stuff what a team

  9. Rod Campbell

    Stop sooking–get on with it girl —Dad

  10. I think you need to pin up your reasons for doing this list – it’s going to be a fabulous and exciting adventure.

  11. Carla Neary

    You guys deserve this and it will be the most fabulous life changing adventure for each and every one of you! Remember everything finds a way of working out in the end and whilst you are a worrier Jess you are also a problem solver so anything that comes up you guys will be completely fine. As my mum would say – Day at a time darling!!!

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